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Sweet T & Greens

The greatest moments in life are shared with family and food. Recipes are passed down through generations with stories from the past, to create all new memories in the future. Geno's family marked special occasions with fried fish and collard greens. Erin's family made chicken quarters and country ribs over a fire pit. We put it all together to create comfort food to feed your soul. 

We can't wait to share our family with you through our food, and take you to those special moments of your past and into your future. 

Geno comes from Smithfield, VA, landing in Harrisburg, PA when he played arena football for the Harrisburg Stampede. While playing football, he also bartended, where he met Erin. Let's just say it was NOT love at first sight. If anyone knows Geno, you know that he does not follow rules, OR a schedule. Erin on the other hand, follows ALL of the rules and schedules out her entire life. We will just end this part of the story by saying opposites do, in fact, attract. 

Erin grew up in Oriental, PA. We are talking dirt roads, no stop lights, and more farm animals than people. As any blended family does, you blend. We spent holidays with each others families and made memories surrounded by all of our favorite childhood foods. From butchering our own pigs and making our own sausage, to frying fish in the backyard, we created all new family traditions for our blended family. 

Soul food is the food that your Grandma taught you to cook and you now teach your own children to cook. It is the food you cook while singing and dancing in the kitchen. It makes your soul happy and brings families together. We hope you taste our love in every bite!! 

Check out these businesses and organizations we work with!

  • - We use Midstate's bourbon in our Peach Bourbon ​BBQ and the Sweet Potato Bourbon Cupcakes!

  • - We are parents to two amazing pitties and try to support their breed in any way we can. Go to some of their events and you might even #FindingGeno with some of our catering there. 

  • - Who doesn't need a little reset?! Our bestie can help you relax and reset your mind, body and soul. 

  • - JT and his wife are good friends and great people! Check out their mission to help mentor kids through the game of soccer.

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